Will Flavor Flav Be Singing The National Anthem Again? Two Teams May Be Interested

After getting some solid reviews about his performance singing the national anthem at the Milwaukee Bucks opening night game, Flavor Flav has stated that he may have other gigs lined up!

The Public Enemy legend spoke to TMZ Sports about the anthem and why it meant so much to him to get the chance to sing it. Many fans, celebrities, and social media users gave him props for his rendition, with many actually crediting him for the effort and stating that he didn’t do a bad job. He spoke of how singing that anthem was an ode to the fallen soldiers who weren’t here to sing it themselves. It was also a chance to honor his and other people’s families. He said he was glad he “knocked it out the box.”

“When I sang that national anthem, I was singing it for them because they’re not here to sing it for themselves,” Flav said. “I did that in honor of my family and also for a lot of other people’s families, too, that fought for this country.” Flav admitted that not all reviews were positive, but it still outweighed the negative. “I ain’t gonna lie; I was kind of proud of myself after I did it.”

He did say that he had fun, and that was just as important. He also insists that he will do it again and has already gotten inquiries.

“I want to do it again. I’m gonna do it again. I can’t say exactly when and where, but I got a couple of people right now that want me to come to their venues and do this. And when I do it, I’m going to do it a little different, and matter of a fact, I might do it a little quicker, though, because this one, I took my time with it. I really took my time with this one because I said for my first time ever I’m gonna take my time, I’m gonna have fun, I’m just gonna knock this thing out the park.”

The colorful entertainer did mention that there are teams interested in his services.

“There’s two other NBA teams right now that invited me. I’m just not gonna say who they are right now, but I got teams that invited me, and one of them are my most favorite, and I was happy to hear that, you know, that I was invited to come and sing the national anthem. You know what I’m saying, at their spot, so I don’t want to say what the team is now because I don’t like counting chickens before they come out the eggs. I’m not the boy; I don’t want to be the boy who cried wolf.”

Time will tell if and when we shall see Flav in the center of a basketball court anytime soon.

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