Woman Bitten During Racist Attack On A UK Train

In an incident on the London Tube, a woman has revealed the racist attack she and her friends endured after requesting a fellow train passenger to move her suitcase, as reported by the BBC. Selma Taha, affiliated with Southall Black Sisters, disclosed the ordeal that unfolded as she and her companions traveled from Camden Town to King’s Cross.

The incident began when the alleged attacker pushed her luggage toward them, almost colliding with one of them.

In response to the request to move the suitcase, the situation took a disturbing turn as the woman unleashed a tirade of racist slurs. Taha recounted that the woman declared, “It’s not my fault you’re lesser than me,” and proceeded to direct derogatory language, such as calling them “slaves,” expressing her aversion to Black women, and even making monkey noises.

As the dispute escalated, the confrontation turned physical, leading to Taha being bitten and having clumps of her hair violently ripped out. The incident occurred in the presence of an off-duty police officer, who, Taha claims, did not immediately identify himself or intervene. It was only upon reaching King’s Cross train station that the officer revealed his status.

Taha expressed her fury and frustration toward the officer, holding him partly responsible for the disturbing incident. She alleged that the officer had failed to take appropriate action, which, in her view, validated the aggressor’s behavior.

Taha received medical attention in the aftermath, including a tetanus shot and antibiotics due to a “rash” around her wounds. The British Transport Police confirmed their response to the altercation and the subsequent arrest of a 30-year-old woman. The alleged perpetrator was arrested on suspicion of assault and a racially aggravated public order offense and then released on bail.

The Metropolitan Police acknowledged the complaint filed by Taha and reported that an inquiry was in progress, with the matter referred to the Independent Office of Police Conduct. The officer involved in the incident is receiving welfare support during the investigation process.

Taha’s case has garnered significant attention and raised concerns about the handling of racially motivated incidents on public transport. Organizations like Southall Black Sisters and London’s Victim’s Commissioner have called for appropriate action against the assailant and the officer involved.


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