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Yes, Cam Newton, It’s Tacky To Request Gifts Back From Exes

Yes, Cam Newton, It’s Tacky To Request Gifts Back From Exes

Cam Newton recently hit a new level of petty, requesting for his estranged girlfriend and mother of his four children, Kia Proctor, to return the luxury automobile, a 2017 Bentley the ex-NFL star purchased for her when they were in love, according to court documents obtained by, the ex-NFL star hired a process server to locate his ex on August 30 over the car. In the lawsuit, Newton claimed he had allowed Kia to use his 2017 Bentley Bentayga while they were together. The suit said, “Although the relationship has ended, [Kia] remains in possession of the car and refuses to return the car” to him, as Newton bought the vehicle on May 23, 2018, and says it’s in his name solely. The ex-NFL star said he let Kia use the car with the understanding she would return it if they broke up. Proctor hasn’t returned the car yet, but the timing of this new lawsuit is curious, as she sued Newton earlier this year, which can be perceived as Newton lashing out at her initial lawsuit.

This type of behavior isn’t new for Newton, as in 2019, he sued Protcor for paternity, child support, and custody of their kids following their nasty split. Last year, Proctor fired back at Newton, claiming that he hasn’t produced all records in their custody case and failed to pay utilities for her home as he had agreed to in their temporary agreement. He allegedly paid Kia $14,268 monthly in support and covered various bills. 

Newton hasn’t kept up his end of the deal regarding their agreement, as Protcor claims that he hasn’t paid any of the utilities per the temporary order and has ignored all her payment requests. And now, he’s demanding the Bentley he purchased when he was in love with her and when everything was well with their partnership, which quite frankly is a low blow. Given their history with each other in the context of court systems, this recent act feels like he’s intentionally trying to punish and humiliate the mother of his kids while trying to assert control and dominance over their custody battle as if she doesn’t have a right to keep a gift that was presented to her with love, care, and understanding previously, the audacity of her.

Besides exercising good etiquette and realizing that gifts aren’t conditional and shouldn’t come with strings, this is more of a power issue. Requesting the Bentley back (which I am sure he can easily afford another one) shows Proctor his petty nature and desire to control her life financially, emotionally, and mentally despite not being together. This isn’t about a 2017 Bentley; it’s a passive-aggressive statement meant to intimidate a woman into submission and accept the status quo of their dysfunctional relationship. Despite this action being downright tacky and unnecessary (given that Newton isn’t hurting for a new car), it underlines the dangerous and manipulative tactics that some men resort to once they don’t get their way – taking things away from women, including their dignity.

What’s next, Newton? Are you going to petition to get a court order, go through her closet, and remove any precious jewelry or clothing you might’ve bought her just to make a point? 

Leave this woman alone and find a better way to take out your frustration; we suggest attending therapy sessions. 

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