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5-Year-old Twins found deceased after mother committed suicide

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The death of twins Ahmad and Ava Jackson has come shortly after their 31-year-old mother, Catorreia Hutto, committed suicide by jumping to her death in nearby river in Florida.

Mourning the deaths of his wife and two five-year-old children on the same day, Xavier Jackson cannot help but “feel an extreme amount of guilt as [he] failed them,”, he stated.

Twin mother committed suicide by jumping in river

Hutto’s body was found in a nearby river, and the twins bodies were discovered in Standford, Florida, by authorities.

According to Seminole County Sheriff Dennis Lemma, an eyewitness stated that a motorist had stopped their vehicle near the peak of the bridge early Friday morning.

The individual claimed Hutto had “appeared to be an attempt to a suicide”, as she removed herself from the passenger window, then proceeded to jump into St. John’s River.

When officials arrived at the scene, they witnessed a woman floating in the river. After discovering Hutto, police went to their home, where they viewed Ahmad and Ava, “who appeared at first to be sleeping.” However, hours later, they were disclosed as dead.

committed suicide
Photo Courtesy: GoFundMe.

Hutto’s mother explained to officials that her daughter suffered from depression. However, nothing indicates “that she may act out with this level of violence towards her children.”

On October 22, Xavier started GoFundMe to raise money for their funerals and memorials.

On the page, Xavier describes Ava as “the talkative one” and Ahmand as “the quiet observer.”

Xavier stated, “The few years GOD allowed them here was wonderful. I can’t help but to think if there is anything I could’ve done differently to prevent this. It’s so unreal that I have to plan a funeral for my twin babies.”

At this time, a cause of death for the twins is unknown but a medical examiner will help determine it.

After further evaluation of the home, Lemme realized that “it does not appear that there is any blunt trauma. It does not appear that they are the victims of gunfire… So there would have to be a method of death that the medical examiner can help us understand through toxicology reports, but again, no signs of trauma to the body. And the two deputies who went in and said it looked like two innocent 5-year-olds sleeping.”

The twin children attended UCP Seminole Charter School, where they released this statement: “The entire UCP community is deeply saddened by the sudden passing of two of our Seminole County school’s kindergarten students and feel shocked by the circumstances. We immediately made available grief counseling for classmates, teachers, and school family members,” stated CEO and Superintendent Dr. Ilene E. Wilkins.

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