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Maleesa Mooney’s Autopsy Says She Was Found In Refrigerator

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Maleesa Mooney was only 31 years old when she was found deceased in her apartment.

After not hearing from her for over a month, Mooney’s family became worried, they then asked the LAPD to conduct a welfare check. When officials arrived at Mooney’s home, they found her body inside the refrigerator.

Mooney was last seen on surveillance video on September 6.

Maleesa Mooney
Maleesa Mooney.via NBC Los Angeles

The autopsy reveals that she was bound, abused, gagged, and wedged inside her own refrigerator.

The initial cause of death was “homicidal violence,” based on the blunt force trauma to her head, arms, and torso.

Reports suggested that Maleesa Mooney was asphyxiated.

However, there were no direct marks from strangulation.

Major injuries were found on her body, as she had lacerations, blunt force injuries, abrasions, and contusions on her face, back, head, and upper left portion of her arm. In addition, Mooney also had a fractured rib.

According to a new coroner’s report, her wrists and ankles were tied up, while her mouth was gagged.

The blood was reportedly dripping from underneath the refrigerator, with massive puddles covering the floor.

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Mooney had items covering her head, and then a gag made from clothing was shoved inside her mouth.

The blunt force injuries were not the result of her death. However, they indicate that Mooney had an altercation before her death.

The medical examiner stated, “The blunt force traumatic injuries observed at autopsy are generally not considered life-threatening on their own. However, based on the circumstances of how Ms. Mooney was found, these injuries suggest she was likely involved in a violent physical altercation prior to her death.”

An arrest has yet to be made for the death of Malessa Mooney.

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