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Stay Full Longer At Work With These Safe and Healthy Tips

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When you’re working a 9-5 job, most of your day is consumed with working hard at the office. Being productive can surely bring up an appetite. The problem is that some jobs don’t have quick access to snacks to help you stay full.

With a lunch break sometimes as short as 15 minutes, is it even worth it to cook and bring something from home?

Nonetheless, here are five amazing ways to come to work feeling nice and full so that the feeling of hunger doesn’t come up in the middle of a work day.

1-Bulk up

This seems like a very obvious answer, but there is actually a major way you could mess this method up. Eating a larger portion before going to work is a great idea because it could keep you energized for a lot longer than just grabbing a piece of fruit, but, that does not mean that you should do it recklessly.

When people think of a filling breakfast their minds automatically go to french toast or a stack of pancakes. And while these sound delicious, all of these carbs are sure to give you immense cramping/stomach pains, which you do not need while at work. So, you should definitely bulk up before work but opt for non-heavy meals like a smoothie or a meat and cheese board to avoid feeling overly stuffed throughout the day.

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2-Drink Water

Have you ever noticed that if you drink a gallon of water your stomach feels full? Well, that is a great way to keep yourself feeling energized throughout the work day without trying to raid the break room for snacks.

Another amazing thing about drinking a lot of water instead of eating multiple times a day is that you are actually consuming the amount of water that is suggested for an adult to have per day. Studies show that you are supposed to be drinking at least half a gallon of water per day. If you are not even close to that number of daily intake already, then this tip is for you.

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Bottles of Evian mineral water seen at a supermarket. (Getty Images)

3-To Stay Full, Know Your Body

That cheese definitely looks tempting to eat before you start your work day, but if you are lactose intolerant, you should stay far away to ensure having a productive work day.

It’s not only about how much you eat that keeps you feeling fuller, but it’s also very dependent on what you are eating. You know your body more than anyone so you know exactly what foods keep you energized and which food groups instantly make you feel sluggish.

4-To Stay Feeling Full, Grab Some Gum

Sometimes the water method won’t work and your body is just desperately craving some more food to put in its system. However, there is a way that you can trick it to make it feel fuller without grabbing a snack. And that method is none other than gum.

Find your go-to flavor of gum and chew on it anytime you start to feel an intense food craving. You’d be surprised to see that this actually works!

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No one exercising at gym, during Covid 19 pandemic, New York City. (Getty Images)


This might sound weird, but working out (if your workplace has a gym) is a great way to feel fuller. Hear us out: the second you start exercising, you break a sweat and start to burn some calories. Because you are burning calories, your body is going to start wanting more food to replenish those nutrients. 

This is the perfect time to break out the gum or your tall water bottle to start training your body on food alternatives.

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